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Déhène was born in Nancy, France in 1977. From the day he received his first camera at the age of seven, he hasn't stopped catching everyday moments on photographic paper. Completely self-taught, he dedicates himself to shooting and silver printing before turning to digital technology. In 2008 he established his own business as an independent photographer, making a living with his art.

Practicing nude photography since 2003, in 2015 he discovered the ancestral Japanese erotica art of Shibari (縛り). Seduced by the sensuality and strength that springs from it, he decided to dedicate himself to this discipline and learned how to use ropes. He studied the work of masters and developed his own style; refined and minimalist.

Dehene puts the model's sensual and feminine qualities at the center of his works, to celebrate their ability to flourish in a world where their rights are so often undermined. Through his shots, he bears witness to their freedom through confinement, their aptitude to let go through constriction and escape through detention. Attentive and empathetic, he eschews the artifices of makeup and digital corrections. He faithfully transcribes their femininity and character in order to highlight their natural beauty.

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